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Query objects in Ruby on Rails

05 Okt 2016

Database queries are common when you develop web applications. Ruby on Rails and it’s ActiveRecord liberates you from writing tons of boilerplate SQL code and results in creation of elegant, eloquent queries in plain Ruby.

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Partial function application and currying in Ruby

08 Mär 2016

Currying and partial function application are common concepts of the functional programming. They look similar, but have differences in realization and using. Ruby allows you to easily operate with both of them.

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Immutable collections in Ruby with Hamster

14 Feb 2016

Ruby has much in common with functional programming languages. For example, Ruby supports high-order functions, lambdas, currying and recursion, but not the immutability - Ruby’s types and data structures are mutable and can be changed at any time.

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Functional Ruby gem

28 Nov 2015

Ruby is a great example of multi-paradigm programming language: it allows you to write code in object-oriented, imperative or functional styles. Ruby have much in common with functional programming languages: high-order functions, closures, anonymous functions, continuations, statements all values. If you want to use more functional programming patterns and tools, you might want to take a look on Functional Ruby gem.

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