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Postgres full-text search using Ecto

21 Jan 2018

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular, stable and common relational database. It’s widely used in Elixir infrastructure and has a great integration with Ecto library.

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Building dynamic queries with Ecto

16 Sep 2017

Ecto is the most popular, robust and solid solution to work with databases in Elixir ecosystem. Ecto is not ORM, ODM nor it is a Repository patern library. Ecto is just a wrapper for common constructions to work with databases, nothing less and nothing more than that.

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Query objects in Ruby on Rails

05 Okt 2016

Database queries are common when you develop web applications. Ruby on Rails and it’s ActiveRecord liberates you from writing tons of boilerplate SQL code and results in creation of elegant, eloquent queries in plain Ruby.

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