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High level Node.JS streams

28 Jan 2016

Node.js has a simple and powerful stream API. Streams in Node.js are unix pipes that let you perform asynchronous I/O operations by reading source data and pipe it to destination. If your application operates not with streams only, but promises, callbacks or synchronous code, you may want to use more deeper abstraction that fits your needs. In this case you may take a look at Highland.

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Trine util library

31 Dez 2015

As we know, functional programming in JavaScript is not the best experience, unlike the plain functional languages (Haskell, Lisp, etc). But new standards of JavaScript - ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) and ES7(ECMAScript 2016) introduce some improvements and allows you to write code in more functional style:

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Functional programming with Ramda.js

05 Sep 2015

JavaScript is one of the most dynamic, flexible programming languages. It supports multiple programming paradigms - imperative, object (prototype) oriented, scripting, and functional.
Let’ see what JavaScript has common with functional programming languages:

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