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Migrating from Jekyll to org-static-blog

30 Dez 2020

One of the biggest (and positive) discoveries this year for me was definitely an Emacs. I’ve decided to switch to this editor after using Vim for almost 8 years as I’ve started embracing Lisps (especially Clojure) and wanted an editor where I can have a first-class integration with these programming languages.

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Deploy Jekyll with Capistrano

24 Mai 2015

If you’re using Jekyll to generate your static website, you may want to deploy it as simple and fast, as Jekyll works. For this case, Ruby ecosystem has remote server automation and deployment tool that called Capistrano .

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Jekyll with Rails assets

14 Mai 2015

Jekyll is the great static website generator, that can be easily used for blogs, portfolio pages, galleries and others simple projects. It`s very simple, flexible tool that can be upgraded with hundreds powerful plugins.

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