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Bitemporality, or how to change the past

21 Dez 2022

The article was originally posted on MarleySpoon Dev Blog

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Migrating from Jekyll to org-static-blog

30 Dez 2020

One of the biggest (and positive) discoveries this year for me was definitely an Emacs. I’ve decided to switch to this editor after using Vim for almost 8 years as I’ve started embracing Lisps (especially Clojure) and wanted an editor where I can have a first-class integration with these programming languages.

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Well-crafted functional architecture: ports and adapters

01 Okt 2019

At we are developing a modern social platform containing a humongous amount of features.

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Seven reasons to use Elixir in 2019

30 Dez 2018

Currently Elixir is not one of the most popular programming languages but for sure it is one of the most promising and underrated ones. Elixir and it’s community has been growing and evolving this year steadily so right now I can recommend it to everyone - no matter if you are a business owner or you are an experienced developer or a total newbie - it’s time to learn or adopt the new technology.

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Asynchronous testing in Elixir with Mox

29 Jul 2018

Testing in Elixir is pretty neat. You can easily test anything written, you have instruments like ExUnit or ESpec, you can practice TDD and more and more. Functional programming paradigm helps you a lot to make your testing even simpler by forcing you to use pure, small functions that will be pleasant to test. Concurrency of Elixir allows you to run all your tests asynchronously and blazingly fast.

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Elixir continious integration with CircleCI

19 Jun 2018

Elixir programming language has gained popularity and now it is supported at many platforms, including plenty of CI services. In this article we will see how we can achieve seamless and (almost) dead simple continious integration by using CircleCI in our Elixir projects.

Tags: elixir quality ci

Elixir code quality tools and checks

28 Apr 2018

Elixir programming language has its great, huge community and ecosystem. As for now, we can easily do static code analysis and code quality checks by using plenty of standard or external tools. This allows us to write robust solid Elixir code in a uniform way according to the style guide .

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Postgres full-text search using Ecto

21 Jan 2018

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular, stable and common relational database. It’s widely used in Elixir infrastructure and has a great integration with Ecto library.

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Building dynamic queries with Ecto

16 Sep 2017

Ecto is the most popular, robust and solid solution to work with databases in Elixir ecosystem. Ecto is not ORM, ODM nor it is a Repository patern library. Ecto is just a wrapper for common constructions to work with databases, nothing less and nothing more than that.

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How are are using Elixir

14 Mär 2017

This post is a continuation of series of posts started in previous article. Previously we’ve talked about one of the most awesome, innovative and pleasant projects that we had the honor to develop here in FlatStack. In this article I will tell you about the problems we’ve faced and how the right choice of technologies stack helped us to solve them.

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